Game station



名字 性别 颜色 序号 是否唱歌?
Numpty Set Fire To Your Hair 天蓝色 1
Hapless Poke a stick at a grizzly bear 黄色 2
Pillock Eat medicine that's out of date 深青色 3
Dippy Use your Private Parts as Piranha bait 玫红色 4
Dummkopf Get your Toast out with a Fork 玫红色 5
Dimwit Do your Own Electrical Work 天蓝色、灰褐色 6
Stupe Teach Yourself how to Fly 柠檬绿 7
Lax Eat a Two Week Old Unrefrigerated Pie 矢车菊蓝 8
Clod Invite a Psycho Killer inside 黄绿色 9
Doomed Scratch a Drug Dealer's brand new ride 紫红色 10 未知
Numskull Take your Helmet off in Outer Space 黄绿色 11
Bungle Use a Clothes Dryer as a Hiding Place 粉色 12
Mishap Keep a rattlesnake as a pet 绿色 13
Dunce Sell both your kidneys on the internet 蓝色 14
Calamity Eat a tube of superglue 棕色 15
Ninny I wonder what's this red button do? 橘黄色 16
Botch Dress up like a moose during hunting season 绿色 17
Doofus Disturb a nest of wasps for no good reason 黄色 18
Stumble Stand on the edge of a train station platform 粉色 19
Bonehead Drive around the boom gates at level crossing 绿色 20
Putz Run across the tracks between the platforms 紫色 21